Industrial Cyber Security Market Estimated to Accrue Approximately 24.41 Billion USD by 2023


Industrial cyber security is a highly growing and dynamic area of concern that includes industrial control systems, network security, hardware and  network solutions which are designed for the secured operation of machines and plants. Industries such as transportation, power grid, oil & gas and manufacturing are turning to whole connected systems rather than stand alone, making them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Major … Read More

The number of devastating cyberattacks is surging — and it’s likely to get much worse


There were 918 data breaches which compromised 1.9 billion data records in the first six months of 2017, according to Gemalto. That’s an increase of 164 percent compared to 2016. Governments around the world are introducing legislation which will force more companies to disclose data breaches. “Two-thirds of firms breached had their share price negatively impacted. Out of the 65 … Read More

Report: Average enterprise data breach cost rises to $1.3M


The cost of a data breach for enterprises in North America increased this year, according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, released Tuesday. The total impact of a data breach now amounts to $1.3 million for large companies—up from $1.2 million in 2016, the report found. Breaches cost an average of $117,000 per incident for small- … Read More

Companies Need to Seriously Step up their Cybersecurity Game


Many business leaders learned that their software patch management was behind. Additionally, many were surprised their backups didn’t work as planned, and their incident response planners didn’t have a playbook. There were also constraints that further contributed to the damage: lack of investment, lack of controls, or plain old apathy. The insatiable appetite for better, faster, cheaper, and connectivity is … Read More

Secure Your Network with New Packet Continuum Features

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NextComputing proudly announces a set of NEW features that further enable uncovering the immutable ground truth of any critical event, not merely an interpretation. Packet Continuum is compatible with third party commercial and open source tools providing you with a complete Cybersecurity protocol.

Cybersecurity for Family Offices: Q&A with the director of the Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank


Edward Marshall, director, Global Family Office Group at Citi Private Bank, said, “As seen in recent news, the number of cyberattacks perpetrated against nations, corporations and individuals are increasing at a rapid pace. One of the most pressing issues our clients face now is cybersecurity as Family Offices have more and more become targets of cyberattacks. We hope this white … Read More

Top 5 cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2017


These top level observations and predictions summarize the cybersecurity industry over the past year and indicate what’s in store for the next five years. Read the full article at CSO Online What is the cybersecurity plan for your business? Packet Continuum is the foundation for a strong cybersecurity system.

New Reports of Sophisticated and Widespread Cyberattacks


Recently the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center issued a disturbing report disclosing a sophisticated and widespread series of cyberattacks. Numerous sectors have been hit, the report says, including “Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare and Public Health, Communications and Critical Manufacturing” since May of 2016 and perhaps even earlier. Our Packet Continuum is a high performance … Read More