Your Perfect packet capture solution

With an increased variety of network-connected devices and applications, Packet Continuum provides the End User with a way to wire their own network with an “Open PCAP” solution for lossless packet recording, critical event alerting of Indicators of Compromise (IoC), and the ability to retrieve historical packet data. The Packet Continuum “Open PCAP” solution is a stand-alone application allowing the End User to collect critical events and to directly query past network activity for PCAP files as the absolute “truth” about what happened on their network.

Packet Continuum provides the Enterprise network operator with the confidence that all packets are captured and indexed, without loss, into a Forensic Timeline that can be managed to optimal price performance. End Users can precisely control the costs of wiring the Enterprise for reliable and long term packet capture, with features such as data compression, and scalable clusters of generic servers. Further cost reductions are possible via policy-driven capture, in coordination with third party analytics solutions.

The Packet Continuum WebGUI dashboard is a self-contained application with the following key features:

  • Manage of one or multiple capture devices
  • Review of statistical results in helpful graphs
  • Monitor a scrolling log of Active Triggers and other IoC alerts
  • Easily find desired PCAP files, based on IoC alerts or event information derived from other analytics systems
  • Extract PCAP files and process them with Wireshark or your DPI tool-of-choice.
  • Review a federated collection of multiple Packet Continuum capture systems that are geographically distributed, within a unified WebGUI and query interface.

Ultimately, technical personnel from the End User IT or Security department may wish to create specialized software tools for network analytics and incident response workflow. For example, such a home-grown script might link Packet Continuum with open source DPI and PCAP analysis software tools. Such user-developed network tools are easy to develop using the open REST/API interface that is included with Packet Continuum, including the ability to jump to a WebGUI dashboard or query screen with a scripted URL.

Packet Continuum is an “Open PCAP” resource which can be actively utilized by any other third party solutions for analytical interpretation of real time events and network history, without becoming locked into the data “silo” of any particular proprietary vendor solution. In this way, the End User can own and control the “true facts” of network activity (lossless PCAP data), distinct from the valued conclusions of many forensic or analytics applications that analyze and interpret the same PCAP data.


At NextComputing, we know that integrating new tools can be a challenge. What good is a new high-performance appliance if you’re losing time trying to get it to work the way you need it to?

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Packet Continuum can deploy as self-contained capture appliances, or as a software layer on generic servers. As a further option, the End User may wish to purchase properly-specified servers using their existing computer vendor purchase contracts. Because Packet Continuum uses standard enterprise-grade servers and network interface cards, either as integrated appliances or as customer-purchased platforms, the End User receives the benefit of global hardware support from the computer vendor.

For hardware appliances with a more convenient form factor outside of a data center environment, NextComputing provides a variety of Packet Continuum appliances including an ultra-compact NUC appliance for packet capture of any scale.

Packet Continuum Enterprise-Grade Solutions
Packet Continuum Deployable Appliances
Packet Continuum Compact NUC Appliance