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Packet Continuum is a software-driven solution for lossless capture to disk and real-time logging of Indicator of Compromise (IoC) alerts for network monitoring, forensics, threat detection, and high-speed ingestion into Big Data analytics solutions.

Packet Continuum is a versatile “open PCAP” solution to free your data from vendor lock-in. It achieves a no-compromise feature set for lossless packet capture and real-time alerting, without the constraints associated with expensive, closed-system capture appliances with proprietary hardware. The result is dramatically lower costs for long, rapidly-searchable, Forensic Capture Timelines. The Open PCAP infrastructure allows multi-vendor access for applications such as security, IT/operations, network performance, and compliance.

The software can be deployed on a wide variety of platforms and form factors such as enterprise-grade commodity servers from leading vendors like Dell and Cisco/UCS, as well as unique portable and deployable capture appliances for diverse environments.

With the increase of network speeds and data throughput, Packet Continuum is the perfect platform for next-generation, high speed, PCAP data management.


Lossless Capture,
Deterministic Performance

A deterministic guarantee to capture every packet; letting you utilize a full network snapshot for diagnosing problems

Real Time Packet Analytics

Real-time, user-defined alerts as every packet is indexed and compressed

Fast PCAP Search, Streamed Results

Distributed query processing for fast PCAP queries, even across very large timelines

Active Triggers

Multiple Active Triggers can operate simultaneously, and can be changed dynamically by the user, as new threats emerge

Packet Analytics

The user can request alerts based on various network transactions and metadata from the session payloads

Real-Time IOC alerts

Active Triggers and Packet Analytics generate Indicators of Compromise (IOC) events which appear as logs in the WebGUI

Cluster Architecture

A low-footprint MapReduce cluster allows massive scale of packet analytics, PCAP query retrieval, and Forensic Timeline

Very Long Forensic Timelines

A lower cost for maintaining very long timelines on a massive scale


Manage and query multiple systems at diverse geographic locations, all from a single Web GUI

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Storage Amplification


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