Expect More from NextComputing

At NextComputing, we know that integrating new tools can be a challenge. What good is a new high-performance appliance if you’re losing time trying to get it to work the way you need it to?

We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs. We will work closely with you to tailor configurations to your specific requirements.

Let NextComputing build the tools you need and get you up and running fast!

Systems Integration

In addition to design and production, we can configure and stage your Packet Continuum systems prior to final shipment.

3rd Party Purchasing

For large enterprise customers, we can make arrangements for you to take full advantage of existing purchase contracts for generic servers, where your vendor direct-ships to our facility on consignment.

Hardware Options

Packet Continuum is designed as a software layer deployable on many platforms. If you prefer alternate vendors for enterprise-grade servers, we can support you. If you require an inventory of portable capture / forensic tools with special hardware requirements for storage, network interfaces, multiple displays – or even your own corporate logo – we can support you.

Custom Packet Analytics

Many end users with responsibility for cyber security and/or IT operations have special requirements for custom automated alerts about critical network events. If our suite of software doesn’t offer the type of real-time packet analytics alerts or PCAP post-processing you need, then we can create it for you.

Workflow Software Integration

To support your optimal intended open PCAP forensic workflow, we provide pre-install and integration services for open source or 3rd party commercial PCAP processing software which you require for each of your capture and GUI stations.

Training & Expertise

For end user technical teams who wish to create custom workflows and forensic tools based on Packet Continuum, we offer a variety of training, development and support services.