CyberPro Plus X

High-Speed Portable Capture Appliance -
TSA Carry-on Compliant Form Factor


The intelligent, compact design of the CyberPro Plus X allows for both easy transport and expandability. Whether you need cyber analytics in the field, or the flexibility to grow your toolset with your changing needs, the CyberPro Plus X has you covered.

CyberPro appliances are based on a powerful software architecture that offers lossless packet capture, fast query retrieval, IDS alerting and a real-time Threat Hunting / Log Investigator. It is integrated into a unique, impossibly small portable form factor, addressing critical elements inherent to a comprehensive incident response plan (IRP). This makes CyberPro ideal for multiple cybersecurity use cases that require onsite response, analysis and mitigation.

CyberPro Plus X includes a unique threat-hunting feature: Use a SNORT/SURICATA rule set for “Retrospective Detection” of PCAP history. Find out if a newly discovered IoC was active in your network – even before the threat was known!

For higher throughput the CyberPro Plus X 100G offers twice the capture interfaces for 100Gbps aggregate continuous PCAP capture.

Download CyberPro Plus X Datasheet

Download CyberPro Plus X Datasheet

Download CyberPro Plus X 100G Datasheet

Download CyberPro X 100G Datasheet

Our core technology enables capture rates unheard of in such a small form factor. Just as easily as we can scale down this much performance into a compact system, CyberPro cost-efficient systems can be federated at a massive scale. Federated, CyberPro systems can be used at multiple sites from a central hub for monitoring offsite, as well as providing the ability for SOC teams to update security policies remotely.

CyberPro systems are designed for standards-based policies with open data access. We leverage trusted open source communities for databases of threats and rule sets to keep you alerted of critical incidents for full-session analytics and reconstruction. Logs and data are then available in standard file formats so you can integrate them with your own preferred tools.

With a full-featured, mature REST/API, custom workflow scripting, and 3rd party event / data / PCAP correlation, CyberPro systems offer open workflow automation & orchestration. End users, resellers and integrators can incorporate data from any third party threat detection system for a complete cybersecurity solution package.


Key Features

  • High-Speed Capture

    Up to 20Gbps continuous lossless packet capture with simultaneous search and analytics support. Configuration options for 2x25G (50Gbps) continuous PCAP capture only and post analysis / search.

  • Large Capture Timeline Storage

    10-200 TB storage options via fixed or no-tools removable drives, additional storage up to 200TB

  • Real-Time Packet Analytics

    • Lossless packet capture at line rate
    • Policy management
    • Real-time alerting/detection (standards based)
    • Defended assets, defended services, IDS alerts, IoC alerts, malware and event logging – at line rate
    • Event-based and simultaneous PCAP session search/retrieval
    • Data compression in-line

  • Simultaneous search

    Stream initial search results of PCAP, NetFlow, and log files to any visualization tool, even while a critical search in on-going. No more waiting for endless query response times! CyberPro Plus X includes a unique threat-hunting feature: Use a SNORT/SURICATA rule set for “Retrospective Detection” of PCAP history. Find out if a newly discovered IoC was active in your network – even before the threat was known!

  • Active Triggers

    Use real-time, dynamic, user-defined Active Triggers and real-time analytics to rapidly direct critical PCAP data for post-processing, using any of multiple third-party open source DPI software packages, conveniently pre-installed and ready-to-use within the system.

  • Extensive Logging Features

    RFC anomaly logging, file download event logging, multi-protocol event / metadata logging. The Log Investigator also allows for search, cross-correlation and extraction: HTTP, files, DNS, email, user agents, NetFlow, TLS/SSL, and VOIP.

  • Efficient Data Management

    CyberPro Plus X’s built-in PCAP streaming means that no third-party software will “choke” on too much data throughput during PCAP post-processing.

  • Visualization

    Visualization is pre-installed and hard-wired into the CyberPro Plus X fully integrated analytics workflow, using open industry-standard data file formats: PCAP & NetFlow records open in WireShark; log searches open as CSV files; reports as TXT/RTF files.

  • Optional Features

    • Penetration testing / security scanning tools package for more active analysis

CyberPro Plus X Workflow


CyberPro Plus X utilizes NextComputing's Packet Continuum architecture to let you jump quickly between PCAP actions and your tools-of-choice. Gain new insight from DPI analytics tools, and generate graphical incident reports. Then iterate new Active Trigger alerts and PCAP searches, to conclude your investigation quickly.

Real-Time Analytics Features

Open simultaneous BPF-based “Active Triggers”. Adjust them dynamically.

Log Investigator events, all with search, cross-correlation and extraction:

  • HTTP
  • File event logging, with file size and URL or SMTP reference
  • DNS
  • Email
  • User agents
  • VOIP
  • NetFlow
  • Active Triggers (BPF signature)
  • 50,000 Snort rules (emerging-DNS, emerging-ftp
  • 1 Million ThreatIP alerts
  • System events

Log Investigator search actions:

  • All logs are time-correlated with PCAPs and NetFlow data
  • Text string search of logs
  • NetFlow record logging and search
  • Choose your results for any search: PCAP, NetFlow, logs, etc.
  • One-click searches auto-populate time period and search filter (BPF), based on context

CyberPro Plus X Open Data Access

Continuous lossless packet capture into a rolling FIFO Capture Store

Searchable data recorder for NetFlow records and log files

Real time indexing and alerting — with time stamping as low as 150 nanoseconds

Data compression in real time — Overall storage amplification up to 3x

Dedicated onboard Extraction Store retains all search query results, retrievable by user-defined name

Options for PCAP (or NetFlow) search results:

  • View in Wireshark on a local display UI
  • Remotely access from an external host via Web GUI or REST/API scripting
  • Run the critical sessions over the Streaming Playback Interface to any 3rd party forensic analysis tool. Simply connect streaming playback output to the capture interface of your tool, just like a span/mirror port.
Standards-based Policies, with Open Data Access

Leveraging trusted open source communities – at enterprise scale

  • Snort/Suricata — IDS alert rulessets
  • BPF — User-defined Active Trigger alerts
  • Defended Assets/Services — Flexible user-defined lists
  • TAXII/STIX — pre-packaged ThreatIPs and rulesets, supported via structured cyber threat information

Open Data Access, with standard file formats

  • PCAP-NG packet data
  • NetFlow v9 records
  • Text/CSV/syslog for enrichment log data

Open Workflow Automation & Orchestration

  • Full-featured, mature REST/API
  • Custom Workflow Scripting
  • 3rd Party Event/Data/PCAP Correlation


  1. Cyber team will create/update initial policies on a local system.
  2. Before each mission, upload these policies to a CyberPro Plus X for use during the mission.
  3. During the mission, Capture / Threat Hunting. Update real-time alerting policies, as required.
  4. After the mission, offload data that includes marked case data, current policies, and last Capture Store / Extraction Store data.
  5. Perform Post-Mission analysis on the data uploaded in step 4. Automate the post-mission analysis operations by utilizing the NextComputing REST/API.
  6. Record the set of lessons learned and policy updates.
  7. To iterate for the next mission, go to Step 2: upload and share new Policies with the CyberPro Plus appliance(s).
  8. Download any updated policies to the local system, as needed to update and upload again.

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Integration on a small platform of Policy Management & Forensics, provides the benefit "spiral model" of forensic investigations. Retain the lessons learned from prior missions, by provisioning new portables with the latest policy updates.

CyberPro Plus X Capture Process

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Continuous lossless packet capture into a rolling FIFO capture store. A separate extraction store retains PCAP file query results.

4-tuple indexing in real time — IP address source/destination, port source/destination — with time stamping as low as 150 nanoseconds

PCAP compression in real time — Overall storage amplification up to 20x (depending on % of captured traffic that is SSL or video)

Search PCAP data from a convenient web GUI, using easy BPF+ descriptors, immediately streaming the results from capture store to persistent extraction store.


The CyberPro Plus X works as a stand-alone appliance, and several can also joint together for even greater functionality.


When you require additional capture timeline in the field, configure and connect several other CyberPro Plus X appliances as "Cluster Nodes". NextComputing's unique MapReduce software framework spreads the processing load, so long timelines are as quick to search as with a single appliance.

When you set up multiple CyberPro Plus X appliances to capture at different locations, a single analyst use the Federation Manager capability for integrated remote access via unified web-based UI.

When you have ad-hoc requirements for lossless capture of very high capture rates the Federation Manager will also do the job. When high-rate traffic is split (using a Network Packet Broker or Load Balancer) into multiple lines, each CyberPro Plus X can capture up to 20Gbps of the load or higher, and an end-user analyst will see all traffic integrated within the Federated UI. With Federation Manager features, it does not matter where the packets are located: You can make a single query for the whole traffic contents, and the results will be combined from all appliances into a single set of PCAP file results.

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