USA TAA COMPLIANCE and Made in USA Standard

NEXTCOMPUTING TAA Products and Made in USA Standard statement

Consistent with the Made in USA Standard, NextComputing manufactures and assembles all of the systems products listed on our products pages and on-line web-store  consistent with TAA compliance, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidelines in that 50 percent of the cost of manufacture and electronics components as applicable are “substantially transformed” within our US facility consistent also with the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581)

Also NextComputing operates consistent with the Executive Order on Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers JANUARY 25, 2021 policy that the United States Government should, consistent with applicable law, use terms and conditions of Federal financial assistance awards and Federal procurements to maximize the use of goods, products, and materials produced in, and services offered in, the United States.  The United States Government should, whenever possible, procure goods, products, materials, and services from sources that will help American businesses compete in strategic industries and help America’s workers thrive.  Additionally, to promote an accountable and transparent procurement policy, each agency should vest waiver issuance authority in senior agency leadership, where appropriate and consistent with applicable law where  “Made in America Laws” means all statutes, regulations, rules, and Executive Orders relating to Federal financial assistance awards or Federal procurement, including those that refer to “Buy America” or “Buy American,” that require, or provide a preference for, the purchase or acquisition of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States, Made in America Laws include laws requiring domestic preference for maritime transport, including the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Public Law 66-261), also known as the Jones Act.