Versatile Packet Capture Software,
Innovative Hardware Platforms

The Packet Continuum software package can be deployed on a wide variety of platforms and form factors such as enterprise-grade commodity servers from leading vendors like Dell, as well as unique portable and deployable capture appliances for diverse environments.

Packet Continuum Enterprise-Grade

The Packet Continuum Enterprise platforms are complete solutions that combine the unique Packet Continuum capture and storage architecture with Dell-based rackmount systems. The result is a powerful solution with world-class support and massive scalability via a cluster of add-on nodes.

Packet Continuum Deployable

The Packet Continuum Deployable platforms are complete packet capture solutions in a compact, short-depth rackmount footprint. They offer massive storage and high throughput for those who need maximum performance in minimum space.

Packet Continuum portable packet capture workstation

Within a compact, briefcase-like chassis, the Packet Continuum Portables offer high-speed packet capture with real-time analytics and visualization to match the big rackmount solutions.

Packet Continuum
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