NextComputing Announces Massively Scalable Packet Capture and Analytics Solution

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Nashua, NH – NextComputing, providers of compact, ultra-high-performance computing solutions, announced today the release of the Packet Continuum, the newest addition to the company’s line of innovative offerings.

Answering the universal cry for better, speedier, and more capable cyber investigation tools, the Packet Continuum is an all-in-one packet capture system with a scalable architecture for any volume of data. Packet Continuum is a software layer available on a variety of platforms, which offer high-speed capture with real-time analytics and visualization. Data is then distributed to a cluster of rackmount nodes with considerable high-speed processing and storage. All of this is accomplished via NextComputing’s unique capture and storage architecture, ideally suited for cyber forensics, cyber security, and big data applications.

Computer technology brings people and businesses together. With this interconnectedness comes vulnerability to cyber crime. In response, forensics and cyber security professionals have been scrambling to secure the holes in the way we do business today. Appropriate tools are needed to enable these individuals to carry out intensive investigations.

Critical Packet Continuum features for intensive packet capture applications include:

  • Lossless Packet Capture, with Deterministic Performance
  • Powerful Indexing and Logging System
  • Scalable, Lightweight, MapReduce Cluster Architecture
  • Extended Forensic Timeline Features and Efficient Data Storage
  • Intuitive Web GUI and RESTful Interface

NextComputing’s Packet Continuum is an essential new tool, enabling accurate detection and mitigation of cyber threats.

Professionals can also differentiate themselves from the competition with NextComputing’s available OEM services for branding, customer-specific features, and application integration.

For a complete listing of Packet Continuum’s features, click here.

For more information about NextComputing’s ultra-high-performance solutions, including the Packet Continuum, email or call 603-886-3874.