Companies Need to Seriously Step up their Cybersecurity Game


Many business leaders learned that their software patch management was behind. Additionally, many were surprised their backups didn’t work as planned, and their incident response planners didn’t have a playbook. There were also constraints that further contributed to the damage: lack of investment, lack of controls, or plain old apathy. The insatiable appetite for better, faster, cheaper, and connectivity is our collective “new normal.” Cyber threats are becoming more numerous and damaging with every device that connects to the internet. Cyber risk is a business risk that has managerial, operational, financial, legal, and technological dimensions. Technology changes faster than all the other dimensions, making it difficult for businesses to adapt to it. We’ve been trained to deal with catastrophic loss by reviewing business continuity plans and getting the right insurance coverages. That said, these strategies or tactics need to be revisited or updated to understand the appropriate mitigations to protect your company from a cyberattack. Insurance is a logical risk tool, but it doesn’t fix your cybersecurity posture. People, processes, and technology help you do that. The corporate world has demonstrated with previous attacks that it is not adequately prepared in regard to cyber defense. Cyberattacks will only increase, and the hackers will become more sophisticated. Thus, it’s vitally important that businesses ensure their assessments, vulnerability scanning, training, and incident response plans are functional and up to date.

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