New Site, New Solutions; Packet Capture Redefined!

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NextComputing is proud to unveil its new website, entirely dedicated to the packet capture needs of our clients. is your new destination for solutions that detect, analyze, and mitigate network issues and threats to your data.

“Free Your Data” is the fitting slogan for Packet Continuum, NextComputing’s innovative, open, massively scalable packet capture solution. Packet Continuum frees you from the constraints associated with specialized, closed-system appliances that only let you use a very specific set of apps and hardware. You can choose the tools you want to use in conjunction with Packet Continuum, making it flexible, customizable, and completely targeted for your task at hand.

Today’s organizations can no longer rely on prevention alone. Within the Cyber Security industry, the trend is moving towards quickly detecting an intrusion once it reaches the network, analyzing any damage it has done, and stopping or reversing it before it has a chance to deeply penetrate the data. Proper incident response results in minimizing further risk and subsequent damage. A sound security plan must include the kind of continuous monitoring, detection and mitigation that Packet Continuum provides.

But Packet Continuum isn’t just about Cyber Security. At its core, it is a very fast, flexible packet capture tool that can have several uses. Network performance monitoring, lawful intercept, incident response workflow, and data exfiltration are just a few other applications Packet Continuum is ideally suited for. Visit our use-case pages for OEMs and End Users to learn about a variety of possible applications.

Key Features of Packet Continuum include:

  • Lossless packet capture with deterministic performance
  • Scalable, lightweight, MapReduce cluster architecture
  • Extended forensic timeline and storage features
  • Intuitive web GUI and RESTful interface
  • Real-time packet analytics
  • User-defined and dynamic critical IOC alerts
  • Multiple platforms and custom configurations

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Not many companies are producing software that is robust enough, and affordable enough, to provide a competent level of security, intertwined with a host of other analytical uses. NextComputing recognizes this need, and fills it with Packet Continuum.

Companies of any size can achieve deep visibility into network problems while continuing to use familiar tools. Likewise, OEMs developing their own monitoring solutions can easily and cost-effectively bring more data into their applications, giving customers better insight into their networks.

And now, it is easier than ever to discover all that Packet Continuum can do to free your data. Visit today, and get your company or your clients on their way to truly effective cyber protection.