Unique, high-performance portable appliance

Within a compact, deployable footprint, the Packet Continuum Portable Packet Capture Platform is based on NextComputing’s unique Packet Continuum capture and storage architecture. The system platform is a NextComputing briefcase-sized portable computer, which offers high-speed packet recording with real-time analytics and visualization on a local display. With optional portable cluster nodes, packet processing may be distributed to a cluster network of portables with massive high-speed storage. This system is designed for applications that demand high-speed data recording and extensive storage, such as cyber forensics, cyber security, and big data analytics.

Features include:

  • Lossless packet capture, with deterministic performance, up to 20Gbps aggregate capture rate
  • Extended forensic timeline and storage features, starting with 20TB physical storage in a stand-alone capture node, up to max amplified storage 200TB in a cluster system
  • Log Investigator: DNS, HTTP, Email, User-Agents, NetFlow, TLS/SSL, and VOIP
  • Actionable search of all logs, cross-correlated with PCAP & IPFIX
  • Active Triggers: real-time, dynamic, user-defined
  • Open data access: view PCAPs & IPFIX records in Wireshark, view log data as CSV
  • Open PCAP workflows: playback output to any 3rd party forensic capture tool
  • Open remote access: web GUI and RESTful interface
  • Scalable, lightweight, MapReduce cluster architecture


Packet Continuum Portable Datasheet

Packet Continuum
Overview Datasheet