Unique, High-Performance portable packet capture appliances

Within a compact, briefcase-like chassis, the Packet Continuum Portables offer high-speed packet capture with real-time analytics and visualization to match the big rackmount solutions.


This all-in one portable offers up to 20GB aggregate lossless capture and up to 200TB storage after amplification. Add in 4 additional cluster nodes for even more powerful packet capture solution with up to 1PB of amplified storage.

portable packet capture workstation
Rugged Portable

A portable built for heavy use in a variety of environments, the Rugged Portable also offers up to 20GB aggregate lossless capture with up to 200TB storage after amplification, and expandability with additional cluster nodes. On top of that, we also offer up to 2 additional swing out displays for an instant multi-monitor setup wherever you need to be.

portable rugged packet capture workstation