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Packet Continuum is an ideal sub-system platform for next-generation solutions in the cyber security, performance monitoring, or network activity compliance markets. It is an open PCAP data management layer, handling the essential high-throughput “packet data plumbing”, which is an important requirement of OEM solutions which deliver unique software analytics results. With Packet Continuum, OEMs now have a faster and easier option to upgrade legacy applications using an open, standards-based platform.

OEM network analytics solutions target many applications, such as

  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Network Behavioral Analysis and Detection
  • Switch and Packet Broker Infrastructure Services
  • Application and Performance Monitoring
  • Cloud-Based Security Services
  • Lawful Intercept
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Government Agency Solutions

Packet Continuum provides a consistent API and feature set, which is identical across a wide variety of deployable platforms. In fact, the Packet Continuum software layer can also be deployed on either specialized OEM hardware platforms, or End-User purchased commodity servers.

In particular, the REST/API allows OEM developers to take dynamic control of real time IOC alerts from Packet Continuum, and fine-tune the packet analytics for their unique purposes. Packet Continuum features are designed to coordinate closely with OEM software solutions which perform advanced analytics, interpret events, correlate with other data sources determine the real nature of cyber threats, and take decisive action. Often such action involves further deep analysis of PCAP data using the extensive PCAP query/retrieval capabilities.

NextComputing works with OEM development teams to select which real time packet analytics functions will maximize the OEM’s unique solution, while minimizing costs for the set of target platforms (from low cost to high performance) which the OEM needs to support. Packet Continuum real time alerts are a first-level filter, allowing the OEM application to decide which streams to extract for in-depth DPI analysis.

Custom PCAP applications with high performance response times are easy to build with the open REST/API. OEMs can also utilize the versatile Packet Continuum WebGUI screens within their own application, and customize logo and styles for their own look and feel.

NextComputing’s Open PCAP philosophy also implies a strong commitment not to compete with our valued OEM partners. The Packet Continuum platform is a dependable and deterministic data repository, AND a customizable packet analytics alerting engine.


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We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs, regardless of company or order size. In addition, we will work closely with you to tailor configurations to your organization’s specific requirements. If you are an OEM, we can help you package and private label products as well as bring them to market so you can focus on your core capabilities and maximize return on investment.

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Product Customization

Learn how we can take our core products, whether it’s our portable workstations, rugged portables, or dense rackmount servers, and create hardware and software solutions customized for your particular needs.

Application Support

Once your solution has been deployed in the field, look to NextComputing to provide after-sales application support for your users.

Testing & Certification

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Packet Continuum can deploy as a software layer on the OEM’s platform of choice. For example, enterprise-grade commodity servers, which the OEM can purchase directly using their existing computer vendor purchase contracts, allowing the best pricing as well as the benefit of global hardware support from the computer vendor. For hardware appliances with a more convenient form factor outside of a data center, NextComputing provides a variety of Packet Continuum appliances which are easy to deploy within a branch office, within embedded systems or mobile vehicles, or as completely portable or ruggedized capture appliances.

Packet Continuum Enterprise-Grade Software Solutions
Packet Continuum Deployable Appliances
Packet Continuum Portable/Ruggedized Appliances